How to Choose Between a Studio & 1 Bedroom Apartment

When it comes time for you to go out hunting for a studio, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments in Houston, you’ve got a lot of options. If you’re planning to live alone, your best bet will likely be a one-bedroom or studio apartment. There are, of course, some significant differences between these two types of accommodations that will be worth considering. Here, we will weigh the pros and cons of both to help you choose the best for your lifestyle and needs.

Studio Apartments

A studio apartment will typically have one main room and a single bathroom. The main space will serve as the living area, bedroom, dining area, and kitchen all in one relatively large space.


  • The cost of utilities and rent will be lower due to the compact size of a studio apartment.
  • It can be a perfect launchpad for a young person just starting out making his or her own way in the world.
  • Only a small amount of furniture will be needed to furnish a studio, saving you even more money.
  • Studio apartments often have unique features, such as exposed brick and ceilings and are often found in interesting locations.


  • Studios can feel a bit cramped. These apartments are meant for those with few belongings and can be outgrown quickly.
  • Entertaining guests can be a challenge. You’ll have little privacy as your bedroom and living space are all one and the same.
  • If you have too many belongings, you may have to rent a storage facility or lighten your load.
  • Closets are usually absent, meaning you will need to keep your clothes in drawers and may need to purchase a hanger rack.

One-Bedroom Apartments

Single bedroom apartments generally have one bedroom, a small kitchen, a living area, and one bathroom.


  • You’ll have more elbow room.
  • If your bedroom isn’t very tidy, you can shut the door when your guests come to visit!
  • If your guests stay over, the extra space and privacy will make everyone feel more comfortable.


  • The extra space means more furniture and more decorative items will be needed.
  • The rent and utilities will cost more.
  • Your cleanup will take longer.

Take the time to consider your lifestyle, habits, a number of possessions and furniture that you want or have- and make careful consideration based on your budget. A studio apartment can be an outstanding bachelor’s or bachelorette’s pad and the low cost can give you a great deal of freedom- but the lack of privacy can be limiting. A single bedroom apartment can be ideal, if it suits your budget- and if you like to entertain a few guests now and again.

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